This is Rob, the  expert, working on windows and screens,  something we do everyday,  We repair the double panes and the single pane types, vinyl, wood or metal.  We can also order table tops directly from the factory.

This is Ken, the owner, also a musician and lifelong guitar enthusiast, he can repair just about any stringed instrument. 

Just when you thought...Is there anything else they do...Yes!  We are Licensed Locksmiths, we cut keys,  re-key locks, master key and repair locks. 

Serving Baltimore since 1891, It's nice to walk into an old fashioned store that still repairs things, we repair windows and screens.  As Licensed Locksmiths we can re-key your existing locks and master key if required. 

Call now 410-276-1294 

Store Hours are Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri.  8-5, Wednesday 8-1, Saturday 8-2

Ken, working on a custom stained glass window for a transom.  Check out our FB photo albums to see lots of stained glass projects. 

Stained Glass

Custom Made

and many premade pieces ready to sell. 

Stop in to see our big selection.


410-276-1294  Lombard and Ann Streets, Upper Fells Point, Baltimore